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Who We Are
Unniti Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Board of Directors
Kaval Gulhati, Chair & President
Joseph Wood, Treasurer
Cecille Burney, Secretary
June Brown, Legal Counsel

Sudhir Anand, Member
Amar Bhattacharya, Member
Mahmud Burney, Member
Indrani de Silva, Member
Rita Khanna, Member
Vidur Mahadeva, Member
Anne Firth Murray, Member
Prabhakar Narvekar, Member
Unniti Foundation, India

Board of Directors
Kaval Gulhati, Chair & President
Veena Khanna, Secretary
Amitabh Verma, Legal Counsel
Ved Marwah, Member
Vir Singh, Member
Sudha Tiwari, Member

Vinita Nagar, Executive Director
Jayanti, Office Helper

Part-Time Assistants
Chandan Singh
Ram Adhar

Ravi Gulhati (1934-1997), Founding Chair

Kaval Gulhati, Chair & President, co-founded and served as President and CEO of the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA) in Washington, D.C. She co-authored two books on the voluntary sector in India at the Centre for Policy Research. In addition to serving as President and Chair of the Unniti Foundation, she currently serves on the board of several non-governmental organizations, in both India and the United States. Dr. Gulhati co-founded the Unniti Foundation.

Vinita Nagar , Executive Director, was Secretary of Delhi Social Welfare Advisory Board for more than 30 years. She co-authored a book on Madhya Pradesh at the Centre for Policy Research. Ms. Nagar is the Founder President of Nav Abhiyan, an organization focused on empowerment of adolescent girls and women. She has been Executive Director of the Unniti Foundation since 1996.

Ravi Gulhati (1934-1997), Founding Chair was a prominent development economist with the World Bank and Ministry of Finance, Government of India. He authored many books throughout his career. He co-founded the Unniti Foundation.